Field Ops Mission and New Pin!

The new Field Ops Mission came out today! You have to find a broken speaker that could be seriously dangerous.

1. Go to the EPF Command Room and accept the mission.

2. Teleport to the Beach and enter the Light House.

3.Go to the speaker at the bottom left of the screen. It should be next to your EPF Phone and your Map.

4. Click on your blinking EPF Phone and destroy all the circuits.

New Pin: Cave



Fall Fair Decorations!

Fall Fair 2010 is next week, so Club Penguin is getting ready for it. Check out the boxes at the Beach!

What will Fall Fair be like this year? Leave a comment of what you think!


Site Suggestions?

Hi guys! I haven’t been on this site in about 2 months, but I’ve had a lot of trouble getting on. Anyway, I’m taking suggestions on how this Club Penguin Site should be run. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment about what you think. Thanks guys! 😀 __Pokemaniac19__


Im back..

Yoda Ads Site Down!

Hey guys! I was looking at my blog roll when I came to Yoda Ads I saw that his website is suspended!! Yoda had about 800,000 hits on his site, but thats over now! There arent even that many sites that have more hits then us, and they should be quitting pretty soon!  __Pokemaniac19__

New Playlist!

Hey guys! I just got a new playlist widget for this site! Click the black box next to Create Playlist, and you should get a new tab with my music!  __Pokemaniac19__

CP Updates

The new pin is finally out! Its in the light house!

Perfect for the new year!

and finally the new catalog is out! Check out the custom t-shirt design! It’s really neat! The Key words are bold.

Click the snowman’s head for the pink snorkel and the mountain top for the pink flippers!

Click the bubbles for the viking helmets

Click the pot for coins for change for the stocking cap

Click each instrument for it self and the tree top for long johns

Click “Work” for the black super hero mask

Click the white puffle for the dizzy

And new 60 coin backgounds!

~Apom59 Pokemaniac19 Admin